(Actually, the word mentor wasn't used
much until the late 80's or early 90's but these
were the people who helped me make it through my career)


In the Police Academy, it was
Ken Racine and Bob Vance who were our main coordinators.  Ken was a real pain in the ass sometimes but if you weren't tough enough for him, you wouldn't make it.

Ken Racine after retirement              Bob Vance before retirement
My first and best ever Field Training Officer, Bobby Meyers
This picture was taken after he retired.
My motorcycle training officer, Joe Dillin and his assistants.  I remember those days at Virginia Beach in the sand burying the tires down in.      
My academy buddy, later my supervisor, Mike Jones. We had some good times working together, some I would rather not share!
Virginia Beach was the best zone in the city - enough said!
This picture is Mike and his wife Barbara
Captain Dick Witt.  After leaving the motorcycle squad I went to Patrol and worked for one of the best commanders I met.  Later, after retirement, both of us live in Ormond Beach, Florida and helped run the M.P.D. Alumni Reunions from 2002 to 2005.     
Sgt. Bruce Wiggins in Communications.  Bruce taught me a lot about the computer system for dispatching (C.A.D.) and I later was assigned to the Computer Liasion Unit for the Police Dept.  We coordinated all computer requests for the Dept. of Computers and Police Dept.    
Brent Helms and I were assigned together at one time to the Computer Support Unit.  Brent managed the PC's (actually Burroughs B25 and B38 computers) and I handled the mainframe.  We were almost the computer "guru's" !
Picture taken after retirement